The DASA DevOps Masters are at the very heart of the DASA DevOps Fundamentals Masterclass learning experience. Different Masters focus on different areas of expertise within DevOps. That's why the number of DASA DevOps Masters available keeps on growing.

Training organizations select those that better fit the profile of the learners so as to provide the best possible experience. This flexibility helps professionals have the seamless and personalized introduction to DevOps needed to apply the new skills in their workplace.

Aditya Bandimatt

Aditya Bandimatt

Senior Manager, Accenture

Aditya Bandimatt is a DevOps Architect and transformation coach with a wide range of experience in the software delivery life cycle. He specializes in enterprise DevOps transformation coaching with a focus on methodologies, lean processes, workforce transformation, automation, and business-IT alignment of DevOps initiatives.
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Aland Acuna

CEO, Acuna Consulting Inc

Aland Acuna is a Lean-Agile Enterprise Coach, Trainer and Speaker. His passion is creating fun, engaging and memorable learning experiences that spark creativity and innovation in the learners. Aland has found that the way we learn is directly reflected on how we are taught, and this is why he has always loved using various brain science-based principles and accelerated learning techniques to enhance his training with executive, management and development teams.
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Amalia Barthel

Privacy Consultant & Advisor, and a Lecturer and Academic Programs Advisor

Amalia is a Privacy Consultant & Advisor, and a Lecturer and Academic Programs Advisor for the University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies. Amalia has been in the Privacy Compliance and Privacy Engineering space for over 16 years and is a passionate advocate for protecting the personal data of individuals. For the past 6+ years, Amalia has been helping multinational companies, as well as small and medium-size in the top 20 industry sectors, realize the most benefits through the lawful use of collected personal data through an innovative risk-based, low impact approach to assessing and building privacy compliance programs suitable for each client.
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A Case Study of Privacy Best Practices Adoption for the DevOps Roll Out

Privacy is often a missed requirement unless you work with visionary leaders. Find out how Amalia, Privacy coach, teamed up with two such visionary leaders to align the Privacy and DevOps values and principles between two seemingly different teams. Amalia was able to successfully embed privacy requirements into the DevOps design cycles to overcome common challenges DevOps experts face all the time. In this session, Amalia will demonstrate how the DASA Competence Model can help you acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to match Privacy and DevOps Principles and create additional value for your organization.

Anuj Malik

Anuj Malik

Director of Project Management at Publicis Sapient India

Anuj Malik has 17+ years of experience in leading large scale digital transformation programs for clients across the globe. Anuj has been the change agent for key transformations both within the organization and clients alike, building a Product Engineering mindset, Innovation culture, evolving the Program Management domain and People value proposition. He has deep experience in broad-based business verticals – Retail, Energy Utilities, Insurance, Telecom, Trading and Risk Management, and Fast Food Retail (QSR). He is also a certified DASA DevOps Coach and an experienced SAFe v5 Program Consultant and has also trained 200+ people on various SAFe certifications.
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High-Performing Teams & Innovation as a Culture

Teams are the engines of growth for any organization that is on a transformation journey. More often we have seen teams coming together with immense energy that slowly dissipates as challenges mount. Anuj's experience around leading and coaching teams towards high performance with sustainable velocity has helped them to chart out a path where value outcomes become the default rather than by chance. His views on integrating innovation as a culture, knowledge framework, and the learning mindset (self-disruption) into the team dynamics have evolved multiple early-stage teams into high performing teams. In this session, Anuj will share his experiential learning on how DASA principles and practices can be leveraged in a team’s transformation journey.



Lean Product Development Coach, ABB

Harikrishnan Sukumaran has 18 years of industry experience in helping product development organizations and teams to succeed by codeveloping appropriate ways of working. He has worked with leadership teams to Implement and evolve context-specific governance processes that help organizations and teams to sense and respond to market conditions. His efforts have helped organizations close the gap between strategic ambitions and day to day execution.
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John Ruppel

John Ruppel

Transformation Leader / Officer, TYIIR Institute, LLC

John Ruppel is a Transformation Leader / Officer who has been ‘Transforming Your Ideas Into Reality’ (TYIIR) for the world’s leading individuals, organizations and governments. His experiences include: DevOps / DevSecOps, Digital Transformations, CICD, Agile, global disruptive technology development programs, mission-critical critical business initiatives, government programs and operations. He believes in DASA and supports DASA’s global community, philosophy, instruments, and principles.

Rajat Tewari

Rajat Tiwari

Co-Founder and CEO, TranZend Consulting LLP

Rajat Tewari brings rich experience of 26 years with reputed multinationals like DuPont, Bausch & Lomb, Coats (FMCG, Lifestyle Brands, Commodities) in Business Management, Sales/Marketing/Branding, Corporate Strategy, Leadership Talent Development, Learning & Development Consulting, Organizational Cultural/Behavioural Transformation, Operational Risk Management (Safety) and Operational Effectiveness.
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Rene visser


Head of Global Workplace Services, Allianz Technology

René is one of the most experienced global leaders in the provision of digital transformations as well as Agile and DevOps initiatives for top-tier organizations. His insights into the importance of Agile organizations in business, application development and IT infrastructure have made him a reference in change management and implementation.
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Traps & Pitfalls to Avoid in DevOps Journeys

No matter how much one reads about DevOps, there’s knowledge and skills that can only be developed in the trenches. In this session, experienced DevOps and change management leader, René Visser, shares what he sees as the key traps and pitfalls to know of when undertaking DevOps journeys. This is a unique opportunity to learn through practical examples of how complex organizations of different dimensions have surpassed major obstacles.



Founder, Rethink Digital

There are few professionals who can claim a richer experience leading and growing high-performance teams for highly-renowned organizations than Rik. Via his company Rethink Digital, Rik's main passion is helping organizations to survive in this digital era, i.e. help them accelerate and improve by smartly leveraging new digital capabilities.
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The Responsibilities & Expectations of DevOps Leaders Driving Transformational Change

Propelling cultural change is not an easy and simple thing to do. That’s why it’s essential for transformational changes to be led by experts who are familiar with the nuances and intricacies of DevOps. Only then can obstacles related to the poor degree of engagement and openness to change be speedily surpassed. Discover what makes the role of DevOps Leaders so necessary, what they do, and what their impact truly is.



Senior Director Generic IT Services & User Experience, NXP Semiconductors

Sebastiaan’s name has become synonymous with leading digital and fast pace product development. His conviction on the importance of transparent and open communication, fact based decision making and execution at speed has given him a proven track record accelerating global high-tech companies.
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A Case Study of Global DevOps Adoption: Insights & Learnings from NXP’s DevOps Roll Out

Find out what worked and didn’t work and get a first-hand perspective from Sebastiaan Laurijsse about the DevOp roll-out at NXP Semiconductors. In this powerful learning story, a number of insights will be given on the roadmap, the key people involved, and the value created by this global initiative. Learn from the challenges faced and pitfalls avoided in what is certainly one of the remarkable DevOps implementations around the world and become acquainted with the true value being created by DevOps Coaches. By linking this experience with DASA’s Competence Model and Principles, you’ll get some clarity on the skills and knowledge required to be prepared for the new IT way of working.

Stephanie Van Vugt

Stephanie Van Vugt

Manager IT Business Management, NXP Semiconductors

Stephanie is passionate when she speaks about developing people and organizations. Her approach is to start coaching the individual team members helping them to unlock their true potential and master the required competencies. She tailors the Agile and DevOps transformation journey that fits the organization culture, her capabilities to engage every individual in that journey makes her unique and effective in realizing the desired benefits, to enable growth.

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Building Cross-Cultural Teams in DevOps Roll-outs: A NXP Semiconductors Case Study

Stephanie Van Vugt is very well aware of the importance of the human element in DevOps transformations. In her experience as an IT Business Manager, she faced time and time again the necessity of paying the required attention to building cross-cultural teams. Find out how she has addressed this at NXP Semiconductors and get the actionable insights needed for a successful DevOps roll-out.

Sunil Manvikar

Sunil Manvikar

Director, Solution Engineering at Iron Mountain & Life

Sunil Manvikar has 26 years of experience in IT, namely at create marketable solutions in technology & outsourcing. He has executed large projects and managed the portfolio of clients in the sector of life science as well as financial services. Sunil has worked across geographies in Asia, Europe, and the US which has given him numerous first-hand experiences with diverse work cultures.
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