How to Identify the Key Revenue Streams of Tomorrow

DevOps Coaches and Leaders have become critical roles in driving DevOps success, and organizational performance as DevOps requires a cultural shift towards a new mindset, behaviors, and ways of working. This is a major revenue opportunity you can tap into this year.

The second session in our new series spotlighting transformational leaders highlighted the conversation of 'How to Identify the Key Revenue Streams of Tomorrow.'

The session uncovered relevant experiences from Marian Draganov, Senior Transformation Consultant at SilverStorm, joined by Helen Parker, DASA Membership Director.

Draganov and Parker shared their insights related to tapping into the leverage of the fast-growing DevOps Coaching and Leadership market.

Topics included:

  • How to generate new leads and opportunities
  • How to quickly upskill your team of experts
  • How to turn earmarked experts of your team into thought leaders

Marian Draganov

Agile Transformation Consultant, Agile Coach, SilverStorm