DASA is an independent and open association supporting the development of high-performance IT organizations through agile DevOps initiatives. DASA offers thought leadership as well as practical guidance for competence development for professionals and companies.

Upcoming Events

Date Title Presenter Type
Redefining DASA DevOps Fundamentals Arjan Woertman, Deborah Burton, Niels Loader Webinar
DevOps Roadshow US – The State of DevOps Arlington, VA | Cary, NC | Irving, TX Dimitri van den Broek, Barry Corless Meetup
DevOps Summit Amsterdam Amsterdam, the Netherlands Conference
DASA DevOps Enterprise Leadership Forum Amsterdam, the Netherlands Rik Farenhorst, Mik Kersten, Deborah Burton Event
Beyond DevOps – DASA DevOps Meetup Global Knowledge Netherlands Nieuwegein Dimitri van den Broek, Paul Wilkinson Meetup

Webinar Recordings

Past Events

Date Title Presenter Type
DASA DevOps Meetup @ ETC- Your practical event for more expert know-how Vienna, Austria
DevOps Summit Amsterdam: Create – Accelerate – Innovate! Amsterdam, The Netherlands