London, UK

Given the global impact of Corona Virus, many of the national Governments and regional authorities have been taking some strong steps to slow down the spread of this virus, which includes closure of many public institutions and strong advisory to citizens to operate from home. In alignment with these advisories and mandate, we are planning to defer Kaizenjoy's scheduled DevOps Coach sessions on April 1-3 for now.

Many of the learners have requested us to conduct this program Virtually. It will be valuable in the current context, such that learning can continue while leveraging the flexibility of operating from home.

The Team is finalizing an interactive Virtual Instructor Led program. This new program will first run for DevOps Coaches in the US timezone. Please leave your details on the DASA DevOps Coach page and we will keep you updated .

We hope to welcome you soon to the online DASA DevOps Coach programs organized by Kaizenjoy, DASA Training partner.

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3-day certification class: Wednesday, April 1 to Friday, April 3

After successfully training DevOps Coaches in Asia and Europe, we are bringing the exciting DASA DevOps Coach program to UK. This program is hosted by DASA Training Partner KaizenJoy.

This class is open to anyone interested in becoming a DASA DevOps Coach.

Organizations around the world are investing in DevOps Coaches and experts who are certified as DevOps Coaches are high in demand.

DevOps Coaches have become essential as DevOps requires a deep cultural shift towards a new mindset, behaviors, and way of working. Organizations & leaders who do not comprehend the essence of DevOps will end up with transformational failures and never realize its true value.

A DevOps Coach enables organizations to successfully adopt DevOps & navigate DevOps adoption challenges. In this program, you'll learn various coaching models and understand the specifics of the DevOps organization and its people and the specific DNA of the different Teams (Agile Team, DevOps Platform Team, DevOps Business Service Team Service Desk, etc.)

In this 3 days action-oriented program you will learn to coach Individuals, Teams and the Organization on DevOps Culture and Performance. Understand how to advocate and embed DevOps principles in its true spirit & play a crucial role in helping build high performing self-organizing teams. Follow your passion and make the best investment for your career.


The DASA coach training is one of the best personal and professional development courses I have done by far. The way it combines psychological and organizational transformation theories is impressive. By doing mini assignments during the day, the skills you learn are immediately practiced and perfected. You can really feel that this course was created by experienced IT leaders with a strong interest and background in Psychology. I'm extremely satisfied with the skills I learned during the course and I am actively using what I learned every day.

Sam Rosbergen, Enterprise DevOps Coach/Run manager at DevOps Transavia

Rajat Tewari

The program is a truly immersive engagement, which addresses the core values and competencies of a global DevOps Coach. This program tackles all relevant areas while bringing in a lot of interaction, games and engaging discussions. Finally, it helps the participants with a clear direction and set of practical tools which can be used as an effective DevOps Coach.

Rajat Tewari, CEO at TranZend

The core facilitators of this 3-day DASA DevOps Coach certification program are DASA DevOps Coach Certified Trainer Darryl Sherborne & Dimitri de Ruiter.

Darryl Sherborne

DASA Ambassador and Managing Director, Kaizenjoy,

Darryl has over 18 years of experience helping small (start-up), medium and large companies improve and transform to Agile/DevOps ways of working. He currently works…

Dimitri de Ruiter

Agile & DevOps Coach, change and project manager, DPG Media IT

Dimitri is a Certified DevOps Coach and Scrum Master. He focuses on Agile and Digital Transformations as enablers for an organisation in an increasingly competitive…

Specification and Verification

White Paper: Role of Specification and Verification in a DevOps Environment