Get Ready For DASA DevOps Coach – Launch Webinar


What makes enterprises invest in DevOps Coaches and how can training and consulting organizations take their customers to the next level with DevOps Coaching?

Gartner predicts that through 2022, 75% of DevOps initiatives will fail to meet expectations due to issues around organizational learning and change.

Cultural change is the toughest of all management challenges. DevOps Coaches build and sustain a culture of collaboration and learning to enable individuals and teams with the right mindset and knowledge.

Why is changing the culture so hard?

DevOps requires deep cultural and organizational change. That means changing behavior, a lot. It often means throwing out decades of embedded explicit and implicit practices. You have to tell experienced senior people accustomed to running things that much of what they know and do every day has become obsolete. The DASA DevOps Coach is a change agent and enabler for performance.

With examples from a number of large clients, in this webinar, we will show the principles and practices of DevOps Coaching. We will explain how Coaches have helped many organizations on their transformation journey.

The DASA DevOps Coach program has been successfully piloted in Asia and Europe and is now rolled out to the rest of the world.

This program is developed with participation from experts from leading organizations like Adidas, ABN AMRO, Kairos, Wipro, TCS, Philips, CGI, Dutch Railways, ABB, Diageo, Iron Mountain, Societe Generale.

You’ll learn:

  • Why DASA DevOps Coach?
  • The Role, Scope, Purpose of DASA DevOps Coach.
  • How to get (your) DevOps Coach Trainers Ready?
  • How Can You Join our movement of DevOps Coaches?

Webinar Recording

Darryl Sherborne

DASA Ambassador and Managing Director, Kaizenjoy,

Darryl has over 18 years of experience helping small (start-up), medium and large companies improve and transform to Agile/DevOps ways of working. He currently works…

Dimitri van den Broek

Dimitri van den Broek is a Founding Member of DASA and works closely with the global DASA community to drive and expand DASA’s solutions for…