Succeeding with DevOps DevOps: Delivers Business Results (Google Survey) and How To Achieve Them With DASA’s Guidance


Doing DevOps well is really hard. And one of the reasons why doing DevOps well is so hard is because, as the survey sponsored by Google Cloud rightly points out: “Adopting DevOps is not a technology project. It requires changes to staffing, organization structure, performance management, and even culture”. It is easy to do a tool’s implementation and declare victory, but that won’t get organizations the benefit of DevOps -- developing and putting new software/applications into production, quickly.

In this webinar with Irfan Shariff, DASA Ambassador, you’ll learn about:

  • Why DevOps
  • How DevOps enables the delivery of business results
    • Google ( Harvard Business Review) survey findings
  • Why doing DevOps is hard
    • Learning from doing Agile Software Development
  • Doing DevOps right with DASA’s guidance<
    • Organizational
    • Individual and team level

Webinar Recording

Irfan Shariff

Expert Program - Project Manager, Management trainer & Agile-DevOps coach, RTI Consulting Services

Irfan Shariff has extensive experience in managing strategic technology-based business initiatives in a variety of industries – Hi-tech, Financial, Retail. He has deep expertise and…