Beyond DevOps – DASA DevOps Meetup Global Knowledge Netherlands


DevOps is a huge change and opportunity. However, You will need the right knowledge, culture and team composition in order to succeed. Global Knowledge and DASA invite you to join "Beyond DevOps" - a DASA DevOps meetup on October 16th at Green Village in Nieuwegein.

In just one afternoon you'll learn almost everything you need to know about DevOps. Of course, there are real-life examples. DevOps Evangelist Dimitri van den Broek explains the impact and importance of DevOps for your organization and how organizations are developing High Performing DevOps teams with the DevOps Agile Skills Association.

Nike will take you through their DevOps journey and Paul Wilkinson (DASA Ambassador) will be there to share learnings from on 100's of deliveries of The Phoenix Project on how to transition to DevOps.

Want to learn more about the program? Check out this link.

Dimitri van den Broek

Founding Member & Chief Evangelist, DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA)

Dimitri van den Broek is working closely with leading organizations around the world who are developing high performing DevOps teams. He is a driving force…

Paul Wilkinson

Owner / Director, GamingWorks

Paul is the co-founder of GamingWorks, a simulation training company based in the Netherlands and a DASA Training Partner. He has been involved in the…