Powstańców Warszawy 10, 81-718 Sopot

There will be three DASA Ambassadors at the "IT Manager of Tomorrow 2019" event in Sheraton Sopot Hotel in Sopot (near Gdansk, Poland): Tomasz Pająk, Paul Wilkinson, and Niels Loader.

The role of an IT manager is constantly evolving, and with the growing importance of technology in business – this role takes on greater significance, at the same time calling for constant development. An effective IT manager is a leader who cares for the team, implements established
business objectives using proper tools and methods. The subject matter of the conference is closely connected with these 3 key competencies. There are three themes during the conference "Culture and People", "Business", and "Technologies". During the three day event, there will be over thirty speakers and amongst them are the three DASA Ambassadors.

Paul Wilkinson will present three times during the conference to about "The future of ITSM", "The future is NOW! What does this mean?", and "Speed as a Service". Tomasz Pająk discusses the "Traditional leader vs tomorrow's leader". Finally, Niels Loader has two sessions. One on "How to create a High-Perfroming team – based on DASA competence model" and the other on "Accelerative Leadership – solving the mismatch between teams and leadership"

Are you interested and like to learn more? Visit the conference website.

Niels Loader

Member of the DASA Content Development Team, Partner & Principal Consultant, Quint Wellington Redwood

Niels Loader is a Principal Consultant with Quint, and one of the leading experts on Lean IT. He is the Content Board Lead with the…

Paul Wilkinson

Owner / Director, GamingWorks

Paul is the co-founder of GamingWorks, a simulation training company based in the Netherlands and a DASA Training Partner. He has been involved in the…

Tomasz Pająk

DevOps and Agile Lead, Conlea

As the DevOps and Agile Lead Consultant at Conlea and the Head of Engineering at DNA Poland, Tomasz is responsible for helping clients understand how…