Knowit Quality Summit

Helsinki, Finland

We are very proud that our DASA Forerunner member Knowit is having their conference on June 4th. Our DASA Ambassador's Sari Alander of Knowit and Veikko Nokkala of Digia will also be joined by Rik Farenhorst, CIO Transavia and Chairman of the DASA DevOps Enterprise Leadership Forum will be a guest presenter at the Summit.

In the future, there will be only two types of organizations, those who will cope with the demands of the new digital world and new companies that build from start their way of working to meet the demands of the new digital era.

The world around us is changing and the market is also changing at an even faster pace. It is generally believed that today's Fortune-1000 companies will not survive, or at least they will quickly need significant changes to their strategy and working methods. Businesses must strive to unravel the organizations that are staggered between business, information technology and security. The boundaries between different departments and the different measurements make it difficult and even prevent effective working together. Walls and hierarchical approval and feedback loops between different departments must be replaced by smooth flow and shorter feedback loops.

DevOps may not be an easy or guaranteed way to survive, but it will give you good tips for a new world. All companies should strive for an innovative technology-based DevOps organization such as Spotify, Amazon or Ali Express. The change is not easy, but the prize is really good: survival!

In Future of DevOps -day we take a peek on both sides of DevOps: technical know-how and on the other hand human and leadership skills and change. Most DevOps starters look to the technology and the first DevOps people are often experts in the field of automation or continuous delivery. However, in recent years, it has been shown that human skills and the transformation of culture and leadership are the most important to become a truly DevOps organization.

Welcome to learn new perspectives and techniques for creating and strengthening your DevOps future!

Rik Farenhorst

Rik has approx. 15 years of experience in the IT domain, and has built a rich leadership, management, consultancy and academic track record. His core…

Sari Alander

Lead Consultant, Knowit

Mrs. Sari Alander has M. Sc. in Tech. from Aalto University. She has also Postgraduate degree in teacher education from HAMK University of Applied Science,…

Veikko Nokkala

DevOps Evangelist, Digia

Veikko Nokkala thrives on improving ways of working and implement DevOps culture and operational model. He has a wide range of experience in different areas…