Theory to Practice: Effective Coaching Based on DASA DevOps Fundamentals

The Art & Science of DevOps Coaching

This is the fifth episode of "The Art & Science of DevOps Coaching" series hosted by Marian Draganov.

In this session, discover how to shift smoothly from theory to practice in the world of DevOps. Hear from experts Dave van Herpen and Jan de Vries who have put the valuable knowledge they’ve gained from DASA DevOps Fundamentals into coaching high-performing DevOps teams and leading organizations through successful digital transformations.

We delved into various aspects of DevOps coaching and implementation of good practices, including:

- Identifying key enablers and opportunities for introducing DevOps Fundamentals.
- Exploring the value of DevOps Fundamentals in digital transformation.
- Taking the first steps as a coach after training, whether with a newly formed team or within an organization.
- Tailoring DevOps practices based on team maturity levels.
- Measuring success as a DevOps coach.

Webinar Recording

Dave van Herpen

Change Consultant | Expert in Agile, Lean, DevOps & IT management, IMP/ACT - Van Herpen Impact Consultancy

Independent Agile, Lean & DevOps change consultant, coach, advisor, improver, speaker, facilitator, trainer. Helping organizations in their DevOps & Enterprise Agility journeys. Worked for 50+…

Jan de Vries

Independent Trainer, Consultant and Coach, Naboek

Jan de Vries is a senior trainer, business IT consultant and public speaker in the fields of Business Information Management, DevOps, Scaled Agile and Antifragility….