DevOps Principle #1-Customer-Centric Action

DASA Deep Dive Workshop

Why is courage so important to customer-centric organizations? Why is it necessary for DevOps teams to be in a position to act and innovate as they drive continual service improvements?

Are you interested in gaining valuable insights into the DevOps Principles that DASA has embraced in the development of our Competency Model and Qualifications Scheme? If so, I invite you to invest 30-minutes in hearing directly from members of DASA's Development team who will provide you an in-depth overview of DASA "DevOps Principle #1-Customer-Centric Action."

Webinar Recording

Frederik Schukken

Managing Consultant (Lean IT and DevOps), Quint Wellington Redwood

Frederik is passionate about helping customers to adopt disruptive thinking, which helps in the creation of high performance IT by embracing DevOps and Lean IT…