Lead with a Growth Mindset: Navigate Change with Gary Tamber


We are excited to announce the first episode of our series "Leaders in Transformation," hosted by John Ruppel.

"Leaders in Transformation" provides a unique insight into the world and minds of the leaders behind the high-performance digital organizations of this era.

For our first episode, we had the pleasure of diving into the story of Gary Tamber.

Gary is an award winning technology leader in Agile, DevOps & Cloud Platforms; his most recent accolade being the "Inspiring DevOps Leader Award" by DASA.

He is currently the Director of DevSecOps for ADP. Gary has decades of experience in the engineering, agile, and DevOps realm, working previously as Director of DevOps & CloudDirector for West Corporation, Senior Technology Officer of DevOps & Engineering at BMO Financial Group, and in management roles for TD. He has led teams effectively at various large corporations to transform the software testing and delivery process using modern tools & practices such as Agile, DevOps (CI/CD) and Cloud with Security in mind.

Dive into the world of DevOps leaders with us!

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Gary Tamber

Director DevSecOps, ADP

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John Ruppel

Transformation Leader / Officer, TYIIR Institute, LLC

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