September Quarterly Portfolio Review | Session 1


The Quarterly Portfolio Review (QPR) is a major step towards our mission of being a truly community led organization.

During the meeting, our objective was to align with you on our portfolio and make well-informed decisions on how to move forward. The session consisted of two main parts:

Pitching ideas for new DASA talent or guidance solutions that should be considered to be added to DASA's portfolio roadmap. You can pitch your idea ahead of time at the link blow:

Live voting and feedback on all new product ideas to collectively arrive at a prioritized and community-validated collection of new product concepts.

This was a unique opportunity to set the course for DASA’s portfolio and roadmap.

Webinar Recording

Rik Farenhorst

Rik’s biggest passion is to help create High-Performance Digital organizations: organizations that gain optimal value out of IT/digital and establish a culture focused on flow,…