Security as an Enabler of DevOps: Balancing Risk and Speed

The Art & Science of DevOps Coaching

We are thrilled to announce our fourth session in "The Art & Science of DevOps Coaching" series hosted by Marian Draganov.

In an era where security and compliance are at the heart of DevOps, striking the right balance between speed and risk becomes paramount. Khurram Lodi and Manolya Rowe will share their extensive experience and insights on the topic.

What to expect:

  • Discussion on critical security and compliance challenges in DevOps.
  • Practical guidance on managing risk while maintaining agility in your DevOps process.
  • An interactive Q&A with our DevOps experts.

Check out the recording below for an enlightening experience that will leave you feeling inspired and energized! 


Webinar Recording

Marian Draganov

Agile Coach, T-Systems Iberia

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