DevOps, Agile and Testing conferences


DASA is participating in this group of three-located conferences - 11 April 2019, London:

These conferences share an opening plenary session, then split into 3 tracks - you can choose your own agenda and attend any sessions from any of the tracks. The diverse programme comprises keynotes, case studies, expert presentations, panels and interactive discussion - plus an exhibition.

Mark Smalley, Global Ambassador, DevOps Agile Skills Association is presenting at the DevOps Summit, on How big is Ops in DevOps? In his talk, Mark discusses how despite starting off in Ops, most current DevOps guidance is about application development and, of course, deployment. People are struggling with the IT operations part. This session explores how much of IT Ops to decentralize into product-oriented DevOps teams, and how much to keep in a shared service center.

UNICOMThe event is organized by UNICOM:
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Mark Smalley

IT Paradigmologist,

Also known as The IT Paradigmologist, Mark Smalley thinks, writes and speaks extensively about IT ‘paradigms’ such as DevOps. His main substantive interests are the…