How To Start a Successful DevOps Journey | Global Knowledge | Toronto | March 7 – Morning

Global Knowledge Office | 2 Bloor Street East Suite 3100 Toronto, ON M4W 3E2 Canada

Global Knowledge Canada and DASA are organizing this DevOps Meetup.

This event will take place at the GK office in Toronto at Bloor Street and Dimitri van den Broek, Chief Evangelist at the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) will be a key speaker. Dimitri is supported by Irfan Shariff, DevOps expert from RTI Consulting Services.

This Meetup is specifically designed for organizations embarking on DevOps Journeys and for individuals who want to become strong DevOps Team Members and invest in their careers.

Using real-world examples of high performing DevOps teams, adoption cases from three different businesses, the audience will take away:

Learning Objectives

  • Understand DevOps and why it has become a boardroom topic.
  • Grasp Core DevOps values and principles and understand why cross-functional teams and T-shaped members matter.
  • Assess DevOps Journeys from other organizations & what are typical challenges faced?
  • How can you realize strategic benefits for your organization and deliver capabilities faster and with higher quality?
  • How DevOps builds on agile and lean project management principles and how it interacts with old-school principles like ITIL, ITSM, and SDLC
  • Learn how to embark on a DevOps Journey.


  • Morning session: 9 am – 11 am


  • 10 min - Welcome
  • 20 min - State of DevOps adoption and Promise of DevOps
    • Global State of DevOps | DevOps adoption in Canada | DevOps research and findings | Why DevOps is playing MainStage  | Impact of DevOps on Business performance | Common Challenges
  • 20 min - The Need for New Skills and High Performing DevOps Teams
    • How does DASA support organizational DevOps Journeys? | Developing T-shaped profiles & High Performing Teams | DASA’s DevOps Principles | Why DevOps is as much about Culture as it is about Tools | How to address Culture?
    • How DASA supports findings from key Research
  • 20 min - Break
  • 20 min - The Learning Journey of DevOps Professionals and Teams - Irfan Shariff & Dimitri van den Broek
    • High performing team, readying your people, discuss necessary skills and competencies, Developing T-shaped experts with DASA
  • 30 min - DASA DevOps Case Studies - Irfan Shariff & Dimitri van den Broek
    • Banking Case Study | Consulting firm Case Study | Online Retailer Case Study
  • Closing
  • Extra - Optional  SessionIrfan Shariff & Dimitri van den Broek
    • 30 min Q&A - DevOps Deep dive - with DASA and GK
    • Deep Dive | Q&A | Round table discussion for anyone willing to stay

Dimitri van den Broek

Dimitri van den Broek is working closely with leading organizations around the world who are developing high performing DevOps teams. He is a driving force…