Kick-start your DevOps Coaching Career: Lessons Learned and Pitfalls to Avoid

The Art & Science of DevOps Coaching

In this session, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from seasoned DevOps coaches who will share their insights and experiences on how to kick-start a successful DevOps coaching career. The session will explore the common pitfalls and challenges that DevOps coaches face, and provide strategies for overcoming these obstacles.

Aleksei Ivanov

Senior Agile Transformation Coach, Allianz

Antoni Tzavelas

Scrum Master / Agile Coach, TD

Darren Flynn

Agile Coach, Allianz

Marian Draganov

Agile Coach, T-Systems Iberia

Marian is an agile/DevOps consultant, coach and facilitator with a deep passion for building people-centric teams and organizations. His personal mission is to guide and…