DASA DevOps Meetup Costa Rica

Costa Rica

We are excited to host our first DASA DevOps Meetup in San Jose, Costa Rica!

Supported by DASA's Chief Evangelist, this exciting morning session is organized by BeGurus in partnership with DASA.

This meetup will provide a forum to discuss and align on the current and future state of the DevOps and Agile movement that has elevated IT into the Boardroom and we will present local and global Case Studies.

We have limited seats.  Early Bird Price starts at 50 USD. Please make sure you reserve your seat in advance by sending an email with your contact details to dimitri.van.den.broek@devopsagileskills.org

Date: 21 March, 08.30-12.00 (includes breakfast) Networking from 12- 2 pm at Plaza Tempo
Time: 08:30 am to 12.00 + networking
Location: Holiday Inn Hotel, Plaza Tiempo (Escazu, San Jose)

DASA has become a vibrant and fast-growing DevOps Movement backed by 300 Training and Consulting organizations around the world. DASA exams have been conducted in 49 countries last year. DASA is an open and inclusive organization for DevOps and Agile skills development.

DASA started in April 2016 and has become the leading global certification body in vendor-neutral DevOps competence development supported by more than 300 partners around the world and backed by three leading Exam Institutes.

An exciting line-up of speakers will provide DevOps updates and Local DevOps Case Studies and how DASA - DevOps Agile Skills Association support these organizational journeys.

Program Details

08:30– 12.00 pm - Registration & Breakfast

  • Welcome - Stephanie Campos - BeGurus
  • State of DevOps adoption & Promise of DevOps - Dimitri van den Broek (DASA) & Rigoberto González (BeGurus)
    • Global State of DevOps | DevOps adoption in Costa Rica & LATAM | DevOps becoming a strategic framework | The Impact of DevOps on Business performance | Common Challenges |  DevOps research and key findings & learnings (DORA & HBR) | Why DevOps is playing MainStage |
  • The need for High Performing Teams & DASA as Enabler - Dimitri van den Broek (DASA)
    • What are High Performing Teams? | How to develop these teams? | Why Culture is key | Join DASA’s open community | DASA as Enabler | Why DASA? |

Break  - 20 MINS

  • The Learning Journey of DevOps Professionals and Teams - Dimitri van den Broek (DASA)
    • DASA Competence Model in Action| Competence Quick Scan | Career Paths & Learning Tracks |
  • Overview DASA DevOps Fundamentals & DASA Portfolio - Rigoberto González (BeGurus)
    • Overview of 12 critical DevOps skills and knowledge areas | DASA Principles | Kickstart for individuals and DevOps teams | Focus on teams and culture | DASA’s certification program and outlook
  • Local DevOps Case Study  - Jason Araya  -DevOps leader Perfiles Tecnológicos -
    • Local DevOps Case Study: Perfiles Tecnológicos - DevOps Leader
  • Global DASA Case Studies - Dimitri van den Broek (DASA)
  • Closing & Networking -  Stephanie Campos - BeGurus

It will be an exciting Morning and an ideal moment to network, grow your local DevOps business and build long-term relationships with the DASA & BeGurus Team and decision makers from San Jose and abroad.


By attending this meetup you will:

  • Be part of a select group of experts invited to discuss and engage with DASA, understand DASA’s portfolio direction and learn from experts what is important in your local markets.
  • Learn how the DASA competence model is enabling DevOps adoption around the world and driving subsequent corporate training programs
  • Exclusively learn from local experts and meet with Dimitri van den Broek, DASA Chief Evangelist and develop local plans or activities with support from DASA.
  • Understand how the DevOps landscape is developing and the unique position of DASA against other market players and how you can position yourself in a winning position

Why this DASA DevOps Meetup?

  • DevOps represents the most significant opportunity and shift in IT - over the past two decades.
  • DASA has seen significant adoption in LATAM - and exams are available in Spanish language, programs have been used, re-used, applied, and consistently received positive feedback.
  • DASA competence model and DASA Competence Scan are being used and adopted globally and used as a basis for designing training programs and large competence development programs
  • The DASA community is very active, and we would like you to join it, leverage others, learn from others, contribute back

Who Should Attend?

  • IT people: Developers, IT operations professionals, QA/testing professionals, Project Managers, IT Managers, IT Executives, IT Security, Consultants
  • Business Stakeholders, Executives in companies who are interested in implementing DevOps
  • HR managers, Learning & Development Department, Talent Management - interested in developing a competitive and productive workforce
  • IT decision makers who are familiar with ITIL, Agile or Scrum and want to take the next step with DevOps

Learning Objectives

  • Understand DevOps and why it has become a boardroom topic
  • Engage and learn about DASA - DevOps Agile Skills Association - a fastgrowing DevOps movement backed by 300 partners around the world
  • Grasp Core DevOps values and principles and understand why cross-functional teams and T-shaped members matter
  • Assess DevOps Journeys from other organizations & what are typical challenges faced?
  • How can you realize strategic benefits for your organization and deliver capabilities faster and with higher quality?
  • Learn how to embark on a DevOps Journey powered by DASA
  • Understand the power and of the DASA Competence Scan - for yourself, your team and organization or customers
  • How DevOps builds on agile and lean project management principles and how it interacts with old-school principles like ITIL, ITSM, and SDLC

We have limited seats. Please make sure you reserve your seat in advance by sending an email with your contact details to dimitri.van.den.broek@devopsagileskills.org

Dimitri van den Broek

Founding Member & Chief Evangelist, DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA)

Dimitri van den Broek is working closely with leading organizations around the world who are developing high performing DevOps teams. He is a driving force…

Rigoberto Gonzalez

LACC Senior Delivery Manager and President, ITWNET

Professional experience of over 20 years in renowned multinational companies. Provided IT shared services in different business processes such as Human Resources, Corporate Payroll, Expat,…