Embracing Talent Transformation Through Leadership


In the modern business landscape, organizations are increasingly looking for ways to attract top talent and boost their competitive edge. One of the most critical aspects of this process is talent transformation through leadership.

By investing in employee growth and development, fostering autonomy, and encouraging risk-taking, leaders can create a work environment that promotes innovation and brings out the best in their teams.

With leadership at its core, talent transformation is essential for any organization looking to attract top talent while remaining competitively positioned on a global scale.

Bryan Banta, Steve Robertson, Ph.D., and Sukhbir Jasuja, Chairman at DASA, tried to provide you with the answers to the most critical questions current and future leaders are asking about Embracing Talent Transformation Through Leadership

This exciting session was live on January 11, at 4 pm CET

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Bryan Banta

Transformational leader,

Leader Information Technology, Human Resources Technology, Strategy, and Transformation

Steve Robertson, ph.d.

Leadership development expert, trainer, and coach, Blueroot Leadership Development

Steve Robertson, Ph.D., is a seasoned leadership development expert, trainer, and coach with more than a decade of experience. He specializes in customized leadership development programs…

Sukhbir Jasuja

Chairman, DASA

Sukhbir Jasuja is a “techpreneur”, with a track record of creating several technology scale-ups over the past 2 decades. His passion lies in creating innovative…