Common Pitfalls When Scaling DevOps


The Introduction to DevOps@Scale Sessions will help you understand different scaling frameworks, analyze them, and harness the best parts of each for you and your organization.

These sessions are intended for advanced practitioners who require insight into the workings of different frameworks to tailor their approach effectively to what is needed within their organization. It is not intended to teach you in detail any particular framework, but it compares and contrasts.

The sessions will give you space to discover which considerations are especially important for you, and discover where you still have doubts – and explore further. 

What do you get out of the sessions?

⚡️ Brief overview of 10 different scaling frameworks.
⚡️ How to compare the different frameworks according to important considerations.
⚡️ A more complete understanding of what is going on within your organization, and how to shape it for the better.

If you’re curious to see how Global2000 organizations run and scale their DevOps, then you’re going to want to check out our 2-part live series.

Luca Ingianni

DevOps Consultant, Trainer, Coach,

How many of these issues are you seeing: ➜ your projects take too long ➜ your team struggles to work together effectively ➜ your products…