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The role of the IT professional will become more generic as DevOps teams develop and IT people become more multi-skilled.

DASA identifies three broad areas of expertise and develops a certification program designed for each profile. These programs test the practical skills and experience of professionals who feel most related to these profiles.

We also introduced the DevOps Team Competence Model, which helps individuals and teams determine how ready they are for DevOps and if the team has the right skills and capabilities to achieve high-performance levels.

Our Partners are divided into two categories:

  • Training Organizations
  • Consulting Organizations. Consulting Organizations deliver training as part of their transformation projects, whereas, Training Organizations engage with learners and organize training courses for corporates and end-learners. Training Partners are formally registered with DASA and commit to delivering quality training programs.

So what can you learn from the most successful training partner?

In this webinar, we invite Willem van Bork, Business Development Manager at Soft Skills, one of our partners, to share why he thinks the DASA learning program is so successful in the market? What does he see as the value of DASA certification?

More than 300 partners and 1000’s enterprises are working with DASA to fuel their DevOps journeys.

DASA believes in enabling its partners through:

  • Co-marketing & Co-selling
  • Partner Course Calendar
  • Self-paced and Virtual Train the Trainers
  • Partner Events & Campaigns
  • Access to Working Groups and Communities
  • DASA Leadership Office Hours
  • Monthly/Quarterly Cadence with Partners

So what can you learn from the most successful training partners?

This webinar will be an interactive session where we will try to answer all your questions.

Webinar Recording

Aliza Singh

Director - DASA Training & Certification, DevOps and Agile Skills Association (DASA)

Willem van Bork

Business Development Manager, Skillsoft