OpEx & Digital Day 2022

Heredia, Costa Rica

DASA Instructor Olivier Jara will be the speaker at the OpEx & Digital Day 2022 Event.

How DevOps in General Helped Moving from Siloed Organization to Enterprise Agility (Spanish)


In essence, I will talk about the success stories of introducing DevOps into different Domains for a Multinational company.  In the speech I will talk about the Why (Risks and Benefits), What, How, When, etc DevOps and other elements transformed and created a pipeline of innovation, digitalization, and ultimately efficiencies for each value stream.

Olivier Jara Phillips

DASA Instructor and Consultant,

Olivier Jara was Fiserv Systems Application Director leading Enterprise Agility transformation, DevOps deployment, and Delivery for various Financial Products. Previous to Fiserv he was VP…