DevOps Cloud Days


21-23 June | Online

This is a technological event that looks at both learning and innovation. Experts and leaders from different areas and companies will share together the latest insights and trends.

DASA Ambassadors Marian Draganov and Jesus Cuesta Arza will be the speakers at the DevOps Cloud Days Event.

Kick-Off Your DevOps Transformation with The Right Maturity Assessment

Room 1 - CEST Time Zone

Thursday, June 23, 2022 | 11:05 am - 11:20 am

3 Pain Points that are critical to consider at the beginning of your Agile/DevOps Transformation Journey: - Unknown point of departure for a complex large-scale and often critical agile transformation; - Uncertainty to identify the next best step to advance your digital/agile transformation and invest in right initiatives; - Lack of basic building blocks in IT and Business to build your capabilities and new target operating model upon.

Consider assessing your readiness to kick off a DevOps Transformation before embarking on a journey via a holistic model covering seven dimensions: · Strategy & Governance · Organization, · Leadership · Technology · Flow · Culture · People

Why is it worth it? Value-added: - Identify strengths, blind spots, and risks to transformation success covering 7 key focus areas in a structured approach - Offers transparency in the current maturity of your organization - Built upon feedback from your peers and critical stakeholders - Identifies actionable areas for improvement and quick wins - Identifies interdependencies between areas to ensure an integrated improvement approach - Identifies correct investment (on a high-level) to maximize ROI.

Defining Continuous integration for Microfrontend Architecture

Room 2 - CEST Time Zone

Thursday, June 23, 2022 | 10:45 am - 11:00 am

When we define CI/CD for a standard application, we usually don't have to customize our pipeline. But if we have to deploy a set of applications with microfrontend architecture, we will have different possibilities and configurations to be able to deploy this solution.

What should we take into account? What kind of solutions could we find?

We will analyze some variants of the microfrontend architecture and how we should build our CI/CD to achieve an optimal result.

Jesus Cuesta

DASA Ambassador, Senior Specialist Lead, Deloitte

Jesús Cuesta is Senior Specialist Lead at Deloitte Spain, responsible for Application Architecture and Lead Architect in projects. He is a mentor of Startups in…

Marian Draganov

Agile Coach, T-Systems Iberia

Marian is an agile/DevOps consultant, coach and facilitator with a deep passion for building people-centric teams and organizations. His personal mission is to guide and…