Digital Readiness Assessment Launch


When 80% of transformation initiatives fail, you need a proven strategy to beat the odds. The truth is: the simpler it is to identify the next best step to advance your digital transformation, the more likely you are to succeed. And we’ve made it dead-simple for you to identify the next best step.

Our Digital Readiness Assessment gets right to the heart of your organization’s readiness. It is a unique tool that measures the current state of your organization along seven foundational dimensions of organizational readiness: Strategy and Governance, Organization, Leadership, Technology, Flow, Culture, and People.

Join us on 14 June when we will discuss how the Digital Readiness Assessment:

  • Displays your organization’s strengths, blind spots and risks
  • Offers transparency in the current maturity of your organization
  • Determines high-level actionable areas for improvement
  • Identifies interdependencies between areas to ensure an integrated improvement approach
  • Suggests correct investment to maximize ROI

Ultimately, the Digital Readiness Assessment gives you a verified point of departure for a complex transformation so you can confidently invest in the right initiatives.

Webinar Recording

Marian Draganov

Agile Coach, T-Systems Iberia

Marian is an agile/DevOps consultant, coach and facilitator with a deep passion for building people-centric teams and organizations. His personal mission is to guide and…

Sebastiaan Laurijsse

Head of Manufacturing EMEA, Service Now

Sebastiaan’s name has become synonymous with leading digital and fast pace product development. His conviction on the importance of transparent and open communication, fact based…

Sukhbir Jasuja

Chairman, DASA