DASA Talent Academy Launch


If you want to significantly increase your digital acceleration, it is critical to have the talent needed to meet business goals. The DASA Talent Academy connects your talent to original and carefully curated information and flexible learning paths.

The DASA Talent Academy is the all-round continuous learning hub for all DevOps skills. Allow employees access to thousands of learning assets based on each team member’s role.

Join us on 9 June when we will discuss how the DASA Talent Academy plays a role in:

  • Keeping your talent engaged throughout their journey - onboarding, development & retention
  • Accelerating the quintessential - skills development across all DevOps teams
  • Eliminating the guesswork in preparing the skill paths for your employees
  • Making strides with strategic talent decisions
  • Helping professionals grow in their roles through curated career paths
  • Creating life-long learning opportunities with role-based learning

Ultimately, the DASA Talent Academy addresses the scarcity of digital talent through learning at the speed of need.

Webinar Recording

Andrea Tucker

Learning & Performance Strategist, Docebo

Sukhbir Jasuja

Chairman, DASA