DASA DevOps Product Owner Launch Webinar

DASA Product Launch

We will host an official DASA DevOps Product Owner Launch Webinar on Tuesday, October 16. The webinar is scheduled at 10:00 AM IST, 10:00 AM CET, and 09:00 AM PT. In this Webinar, Deborah Burton, DASA Managing Director, Arjan Woertman, Chairman of the DASA Editorial Board and Niels Loader, Co-developer of DASA Competence Framework, will explain exactly how this certification program helps the Product Owner realize maximum business value, engage with stakeholders, and deal with future requirements as well as operational challenges.

The DASA Product Owner qualification extends traditional Agile Product Owner programs and deals with the extended set of requirements that the Product Owner faces when teams start to take on both Dev and Ops responsibilities. The program covers the traditional Agile and Scrum concepts and capabilities but in context of DevOps. As a result, this program is ideal for not only new and aspiring Product Owners but also exciting for experienced Product Owners who are keen to understand how their role is evolving as a result of DevOps.

You’ll learn:

  • Why we introduced DASA DevOps Leadership Certifications.
  • How we structured the DASA Professional Certifications.
  • What the DASA DevOps Product Owner certification is.
  • How Product Owner relates to the other DASA DevOps Certifications.
  • How you can benefit from offering your learners this certification.

We received so many questions that are relevant to all those who are interested that we’ve added the questions and answers to the FAQ.

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Webinar Recording

Arjan Woertman

COO ITpreneurs, Head of the DASA Editorial Board, DASA

Arjan Woertman is the Chairman of the DASA Editorial Board. The editorial board is responsible for the portfolio strategy for DASA, and manages updates and…

Deborah Burton

Managing Director, DASA

Deborah Burton is the CEO of Instruqt, where she works with her team to help organizations transition to a new innovative way to train and…

Niels Loader

Member of the DASA Content Development Team, Partner & Principal Consultant, Quint Wellington Redwood

Niels Loader is a Principal Consultant with Quint, and one of the leading experts on Lean IT. He is the Content Board Lead with the…