The DEVOPS Conference


The DEVOPS Conference returns for the eighth time, bigger and better than ever! The conference brings together everyone in the DevOps ecosystem - executives, managers, engineers, programmers, and designers.

This year's conference features Management and culture, Transformations, Cloud & serverless, Digital service creation, Continuous everything and Security & compliance. You'll learn from real cases how better decision-making and better tools for DevOps deliver customer value faster, with better quality.

DASA Ambassador Sari Alander will be the speaker at the DEVOPS Conference.

What all transformation leaders need to know - The case of Visma Solutions R&D

March 8, 2022
12:20 CET

Starting a digital transformation can be daunting. There are many elements to consider and no universal methodology to follow. In this talk, Sari walks you through the crucial questions you should ask before getting started and what we can learn from different change and agility models. Then, she dives into the transformation case of Visma Solutions R&D to show you how to plan a transformation and measure success.

Sari Alander

Lead Consultant, Knowit

Mrs. Sari Alander has M. Sc. in Tech. from Aalto University. She has also Postgraduate degree in teacher education from HAMK University of Applied Science,…