itSMF Slovakia


November 25, 2021 - November 26, 2021

itSMF Slovakia, a leader in the world of IT Service Management in CEE, is organizing 15th annual IT Service Management conference and addresses the “Value Experience” as an inspiration for all business stakeholders for whom 2020 was one of those challenging years. Share and prioritize what real value is, decide for meaningful changes to get the best value out of it.

DASA Ambassador Martin Vitouš will be the speaker at the itSMF Slovakia conference.

Are you ready to provide value?

Martin Vitous
November 25, 2021
11:00am -11:30am

IT provides value through IT services. We can say that this is the product of an IT organization. Like any other production enterprise, a production line is vital. It is crucial because quality products cannot be delivered by a poor production line.

Martin will discuss typical pain points that IT organizations face, areas they need to focus on when they build, how to optimize and operate their production lines, and how all aspects around IT production lines must fit together to produce the expected value.

Martin Vitouš

DASA Ambassador and Consultant, Mentor, Coach, Trainer and Problem Solver,

Martin has spent almost 30 years in IT. He started as the only IT person in the subsidiary of the global company in Czech and…