Managing Your CI/CD Pipeline

Circle Event

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 4 PM - 6 PM EST

We’re pleased to invite you to the first invite-only DASA Americas Circle webinar: Managing Your CI/CD Pipeline.

In this 2-hour hands-on event, Vishnu Vasudevan and Kumar Chivukula, two top industry experts, will guide you through uncovering your quick-wins, which you can apply straight away to increase your productivity without a need to add more resources.

You’ll learn about how automation can help you with:

  1. Automating tools chains
  2. Declarative pipelines
  3. Shift left testing
  4. Dashboards and visibility
  5. Orchestration platform across tool chain
  6. No-code pipelines and unified insights

In short: you’ll walk away with actionable insights and recommendations on how automation can help you achieve your DevOps goals.

Can’t attend live? You should still register! We’ll send out the recording after the webinar to all those registered.

Kumar Chivukula

Co-founder /CTO, Opsera

Kumar is an entrepreneur and a visionary executive with 20+ years of experience accelerating digital transformation and business growth at Fortune 100 and Fortune 500…

Vasanthavishnu Vasudevan

Head of Product Engineering & Management, Opsera

Vishnu is the Head of Product Engineering & Management at Opsera. He is an experienced DevSecOps leader and a SAFe Agilist with a track record…