All Day DevOps (ADDO)


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The world’s largest DevOps conference is set for our 6th annual gathering on October 28th, 2021

DASA Ambassador Luis Gomez and DASA Influencer Siddharth Pareek will be the speakers at the All Day DevOps conference.

DevOps Assessment. Where the journey begins

Luis Gomez
Thursday, October 28th
5:30 am-6:00 am EDT

There are many companies trying to deal with the DevOps Journey from the traditional way of developing and sysadmining towards a CI/CD with DevOps. In the last three years, we've discovered a natural way to find out where to start in a company, which needs to be operative along the process. Using Design Thinking methodologies, strong automation and cloud knowledge, old developing skills and conversation, this session will cover how we developed a good method to discover how to help all kinds of organizations.

A 400 years old NatWest Group Journey in their DevOps Cultural Transformation

Siddharth Pareek
Friday, October 29th
12:00 am-12:30 am EDT

The Natwest Group, today and its brands are made up of hundreds of old banks dating back to the 1640s and has a total profit of over £4,000 million for 2019. As a part of the Global DevOps Center Of Excellence team, the journey towards the DevOps transformation or rather cultural and mindset change has been with a mixed bag of failures and successes. In this session, I will talk about what challenges we have addressed and how and the benefits which the Enterprise gained out of it.

Luis J. Gómez Vázquez

Head of DevOps, Kairós Digital Solutions S.L.

I am a pure IT man. One of those who enjoy the challenge. I live out of the box. Maybe the sentence better defines me…

Siddharth Pareek

Global Practice - DevOps CoE, NatWest Group

Siddharth is a Senior Consultant with over one and half decades years of IT experience in delivery, consulting, management (project & program). He is a…