ChiBADD21.1 – Building BA Muscles


The first virtual conference of 2021 focuses on technical business analysis skills; the hard (and technical) skills that help you be the best BA you can be. ChiBADD21.1 builds your business analysis muscles to ensure that you are fit for purpose.

Business Analysis is both an art and a science - making the profession a dynamic and interesting place to work.

The science elements force us to look at the tools and techniques that we use daily to deal with our complex, detailed and challenging work that is so critical to project success. That's this conference.

Our DASA Ambassador John Ruppel will be the speaker and will present 'How does a BA succeed in a DevOps world?' at the conference.

Today, most, if not all organizations have started or are intending to start a DevOps or Agile initiative whereby a transformation/adoption has started are about to get underway. As a BA (Business Analyst), what does this mean? Where do I fit in a DevOps world? What can I do to be successful? What can I do to lead my organization to success? Understanding the answer to these questions will help you and your organization not follow the heard where +70 to +90% (depending upon your source) of today’s DevOps or Agile transformations/adoptions are failing.

In our time together we will provide an overview of what is DevOps, how does DevOps relate to the growth of the company, technology’s role in relation to DevOps, and what I as a BA have to do in order to achieve success, and help lead my organization’s success with the DevOps or Agile Transformation/adoption. We are going to look through the lens of a DevOps Business Analyst, providing the perspective for you to understand what areas you need to focus on or have to personally evolve to pivot and succeed in a DevOps world.

John Ruppel

Transformation Leader / Officer, TYIIR Institute, LLC

John Ruppel is a Transformation Leader / Officer who has been ‘Transforming Your Ideas Into Reality’ (TYIIR) for the world’s leading individuals, organizations and governments….