DevOps and Agile Adoption: What is the key resource organizations need to succeed with DevOps and Agile Adoptions?

Did you know that 85% of DevOps and Agile adoptions are not matured after years of trying? Even though those transformations are managed by experienced project managers and lead by transformation executives, the result is far from optimal. The reality is that DevOps and Agile adoptions are all about the people. Organizations need resources specifically trained and experienced in what and how to coach, facilitate, and mentor the team members to successfully adopt DevOps and Agile way of working for all teams.

John Ruppel

Transformation Leader / Officer, TYIIR Institute, LLC

John Ruppel is a Transformation Leader / Officer who has been ‘Transforming Your Ideas Into Reality’ (TYIIR) for the world’s leading individuals, organizations and governments….

Mike McTaggart

President, Global Digital

Mike has helped dozens of organizations – large and small – realize the potential that technology brings to business. In an age of Digital Transformation,…