AGILE AND SCRUM 2021 Online Conference


Today, Agile is no longer just about technology or software development. It's about everyone on a team coming together, and being empowered to work towards an end goal, with a customer-first mindset.

Learn insights that will inspire you to foster a more agile approach and create better business outcomes for you and your team.

Our DASA Ambassador Paul Wilkinson will be the keynote speaker and will present 'DevOps Will Fail, Unless…' at the conference.

DevOps, the latest hot topic in the IT world, promises faster, more frequent, higher quality software releases. However, according to Paul and his research, many initiatives fail!

In this session, Paul reveals why these initiatives fail and will offer guidance for helping you prevent these from happening. The reasons are taken from his organization’s global findings based on research with more than 400 teams having participated in the Phoenix Project business simulation workshop. Paul highlights that DevOps is not something you can ‘implement’ or ‘install’. So how can you ensure that your DevOps initiatives will succeed? In this presentation, Paul will reveal 3 top critical success factors taken from organizations who are delivering significant, sustainable value from their DevOps investments. Sharing with you top takeaway actions that teams commit to after attending the simulation workshops. Attend this session to learn why DevOps has become an ‘imperative’ for survival for many organizations to support and enable their Digital Transformation. For many CEO’s ‘failure is NOT an option’!

Participants of this session will:

  • Understand why DevOps is critical for many organizations
  • Learn the 3 success factors to delivering sustainable value from DevOps investments
  • Learn about practical actions teams can take from simulation workshops

Paul Wilkinson

Owner / Director, GamingWorks

Paul is the co-founder of GamingWorks, a simulation training company based in the Netherlands and a DASA Training Partner. He has been involved in the…