How to get the board to buy-in into your DevOps transformation plans

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Experience the value of the DASA ELF network and join this session on Thursday 28th October, 6pm with an amazing panel who will discuss the challenges and 5 key themes like return on digital investment, budget, time to market, incentives and talent.

Take part in this discussion on how to elevate your DevOps projects and ideas to the board. Join DASA's Enterprise Leadership Platform and zoom in on DevOps experiences, enabling talent transformation, people readiness, DevOps successes and more.

Alexander Witteveen

VP of Technology Excellence & Engineering, Elsevier

Alexander is passionate about helping companies navigate through digital disruption and strengthen their position along the way. He is accountable for establishing and building one…

Arnaud van Rietschoten

Head of IT, SEBA Bank

Arnaud van Rietschoten is a Service & Technology IT Transformation executive with international experience in Digital Workplace, service & infrastructure management, operations, software engineering, customer…

Arvind Rathore

Senior Vice President Digital Engineering, Virtusa

Arvind Rathore is Senior Vice President Digital Engineering at Virtusa In leadership roles, Arvind has been helping multinational corporations drive large scale – transformations. He…

Sebastiaan Laurijsse

Transformational Global Leader, Splunk

Sebastiaan’s name has become synonymous with leading digital and fast pace product development. His conviction on the importance of transparent and open communication, fact based…