DevOps Day 2020 ONLINE


We are pleased to inform you that the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) is a proud expert partner of the DevOps Day 2020 Conference. It will take place virtually on 13 October 2020.

DASA Ambassadors Martin Vitouš and Paul Wilkinson as well as Influencers Dimitri de Ruiter, Siddharth Pareek and Paul Mateos will present at the DevOps Day 2020 Conference.

On October 13th you can boost your DevOps skills in 2 streams, one focused on DevOps for business and another dedicated to DevOps tools and their practical use.

Sessions will be led in English and Czech by worldwide known DevOps experts.

You can enjoy all sessions safe, from the comfort of your home and chat with speakers via LIVE chat.

Whole content will be available 7 days after the conference.


  • Lesk a bída automatizovaného testování | Lucie Nová
  • Keynote „Byznys potřebuje rychlost a rychlost je DevOps“ | Martin Vitouš
  • Pipeline postavená na produktech GITu | Ondřej Šika
  • Od Kubernetes ke standardizaci, automatizaci a vlastnímu AutoDevops nástroji| Tomáš Filip
  • "Don’t make success a negative": Error-based vs. Success-based metrics and cultural perspective | Luca Ingianni
  • How to get management support for DevOps Transformation | Dimitri de Ruiter
  • Application performance monitoring perspective | Paul Mateos
  • Security v DevOps | Vladimír Kufner
  • Konfigurace jako kód: řízení konfigurace v cloud | Tomáš Honzák
  • DevOps Teams in hierarchical organization: revolution or evolution | Alexey Leyman
  • Klíčové role, aneb kdo to všechno zajistí | Martin Vitouš
  • Domain Oriented Observability - Bringing the Business Relevant Observability | Siddharth Pareek

For more information on the DevOps Day 2020 Conference, please visit:

Dimitri de Ruiter

Agile & DevOps Coach and Partner., Ideas at work B.V

Dimitri is a Certified DevOps Coach and Scrum Master. He focuses on Agile and Digital Transformations as enablers for an organisation in an increasingly competitive…

Martin Vitouš

DASA Ambassador and Consultant, Mentor, Coach, Trainer and Problem Solver,

Martin has spent almost 30 years in IT. He started as the only IT person in the subsidiary of the global company in Czech and…

Paul Mateos

Solutions Consultant Director, Pufferfish Solutions

The principle of Customer Centricity is the core of Paul Mateos professional being. Paul is a change champion with 20 years of industry experience in…

Paul Wilkinson

Owner / Director, GamingWorks

Paul is the co-founder of GamingWorks, a simulation training company based in the Netherlands and a DASA Training Partner. He has been involved in the…

Siddharth Pareek

Global Practice - DevOps CoE, NatWest Group

Siddharth is a Senior Consultant with over one and half decades years of IT experience in delivery, consulting, management (project & program). He is a…