What is DevOps and how to kickstart your DevOps career


Digital Business Models are driving IT transformational Change. Old Waterfall approaches are being abandoned as Enterprises ask questions such as – What does DevOps mean for my IT organization, are we ready for DevOps, and do my teams have the right skills and knowledge to adopt a DevOps way of working.

Learn about DevOps in 45 mins and receive a personalized assessment and as well as guidance towards your next career step.

1. Learn the DevOps Essentials

  • What is DevOps?
  • Why DevOps makes organizations faster and better able to focus on customers
  • DASA DevOps Case Studies
  • How DevOps became the standard to develop, deliver, and support software & digital business models
  • Understand the key DevOps principles
  • Why “doing" DevOps isn’t easy
  • Which DevOps Certifications can accelerate your career

2. Map your next personalized career move and get DASA certified!

  • As part of this webinar, you'll receive a free assessment that will help you understand your current profile
  • Complete the 6 min assessment
  • Learn how to interpret your assessment and understand:
    • How to Kick-off your DevOps journey
    • Your Career opportunities
    • Standard Career Tracks & Learning Paths
    • Know what you don't know and how to invest in your career

Get 25% off your DASA DevOps certification program

Every participant of this Webinar will receive a 25% discount on a DASA DevOps Fundamentals Certification Program, Masterclass or DASA DevOps Coach Certification program (from selected DASA Training Partners). You will receive a voucher after attending the webinar.

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