How Does Culture Impact a DevOps Organisation


If your organization is shifting to a DevOps approach to business, it is critical to understand what Culture is, how it impacts organizations and how you can shape Culture to ensure a sustained shift to a DevOps mindset.

Join Rajat Tewari, Co-Founder and CEO of TranZend Consulting LLP and Dimitri van den Broek, Founding Member of DASA for a 40-minute webinar. We will talk about organizational culture, how to decipher it and what the elements of a successful DevOps culture are.

You'll Learn:

    • What Culture is
    • What its elements are and how they are expressed
    • What is critical to a successful DevOps approach
    • What the DASA DevOps Coach program consists of

Webinar Recording

Dimitri van den Broek

Dimitri van den Broek is a Founding Member of DASA and works closely with the global DASA community to drive and expand DASA’s solutions for…

Rajat Tewari

Co-Founder and CEO, TranZend Consulting LLP

Rajat Tewari brings rich experience of 26 years with reputed multinationals like DuPont, Bausch & Lomb, Coats (FMCG, Lifestyle Brands, Commodities) in Business Management, Sales/Marketing/Branding,…