DASA DevOps Week in Japan

Tokyo, Japan

DASA DevOps Week is an event co-organized by ITpreneurs and Quint Wellington Redwood.

It is a great opportunity for people who want to know the latest trends, case studies, know-how of DevOps, and who are considering and using DevOps.

It will be a great place to gather information on to how you can succeed with DevOps.

DASA Connect Japan 2018

Monday June 25th from 10:00 - 12:00 there is DASA Connect seminar for Training and Consulting organizations which is intended to provide a detailed overview of the DevOp market, the movement towards Digital Transformations and the DASA Competence Model.

DASA Exchange Japan 2018

In the afternoon the doors will open up for a DASA Exchange seminar that is hosted by the ITpreneurs and Quint teams for everyone interested in learning more about DevOps.

There will be a number of guest speakers including:
  • John Schilt, Owner/Director GamingWorks who will talk about their popular Phoenix Project Simulation
  • Deborah Burton, Managing Director of DASA
  • Hiroshi Koiwai, General Manager Itochu Techno-Solutions Co. (CTC)
  • Chikako Mogami, CEO Nippon Quint Corporation
  • Yui Koiii, Cloud integration Department Manager Itochu Techno-Solutions Co.
  • Muneyuki Okamoto, Business Development Manager ITpreneurs Japan Asia Pacific Co.

Rest of the Week

The team has arranged an number of activities that will take place the entire week that includes Train the Trainer sessions, Phoenix Project Simulations and DASA DevOps Fundamentals trainings.

It will indeed be an action packed week of DevOps activities!

Deborah Burton

Managing Director, DASA

Deborah Burton is the CEO of Instruqt, where she works with her team to help organizations transition to a new innovative way to train and…

Jan Schilt

Owner / Director, GamingWorks

Jan is the co-founder of GamingWorks, a simulation training company based in the Netherlands and a DASA Training Partner. His background is in Human Resource…