DASA Deep Dive – Lean IT & DevOps: Advancing the Value Stream

DASA Deep Dive Workshop

The lessons of Lean have been applied to IT for almost a decade. Lean IT methods and tools drive higher levels of quality and performance in IT operations. With the advent of DevOps, the concept of a true integrated IT value stream has arrived! DevOps has created the mindset for the application of a core Lean tenant: one-piece flow, as advances have been made in automation of both infrastructure and deployment. Both Lean IT and DevOps are very effective practices and together they make an even larger impact!

In this 30-minute webinar, Mike will explore how these two bodies of knowledge, DevOps and LeanIT, create synergy and accelerate IT transformation, providing an even greater value for organizations than when implemented alone.

Webinar Recording

Mike Orzen

Mike delivers a unique blend of Lean, Six Sigma, IT and Operations. He has been consulting and coaching for over 20 years. His career includes…