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A Virtual Gathering for IT Leaders Worldwide

Are you interested in learning more about how other leading organizations are finding their way?

Hosted by three household names in the DevOps world, Dimitri van den Broek, Rik Farenhorst, and Deborah Burton, this is a one-of-a-kind event not to be missed.

To serve our global audience we hosted two 90-minute sessions with  nine influential speakers sharing their DevOps and DASA stories. Discover new trends and explore how DASA is supporting DevOps journeys around the world.


This year’s agenda includes panel discussions, lightning talks, and Q&A sessions on broad coverage of topics such as:

  • New applications of DASA’s competence model
  • The critical role played by DevOps Coaches in propelling a cultural shift 
  • Game-changing Hands-on DevOps training 
  • Recent real-life, practical experiences from global experts

Transitioning from a traditional IT way of working to an Agile-DevOps way of working has made your job as an IT leader harder than ever before. Today, you and your company have no other choice but to go digital or die. 24×7 mobility, availability, and convenience are drivers for change.


There are two global sessions (one at 09:00 am and one at 4 pm CEST — convert to your time zone) which each hosts four influential speakers sharing their extraordinary stories of implementation and management of DevOps for top-tier organizations.

Session 1

Willem van Bork

van Bork

Akhilesh Chaturvedi


Kakeru Likubo


Julian Stevenson


Session 2



John Ruppel





Sebastiaan Laurijsse

Willem van Bork

van Bork

Agenda Session 1 & Session 2

01   Welcome

02  Introduction by Rik Farenhorst

03  Expert lightning talks

04  Panel discussion

05  Q&A


Dimitri van den Broek
Dimitri van den Broek
Dimitri van den Broek is a Founding Member of DASA and works closely with the global DASA community to drive and expand DASA’s solutions for successful DevOps transformations built on value-creation teams. Dimitri is a driving force behind the rapid global adoption of DASA and spearheading the DASA DevOps Coach program. Dimitri is a frequent speaker on High Performing DevOps teams and organizes DASA DevOps Meetups around the world. Dimitri works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Rik Farenhorst
Rik Farenhorst

There are few professionals who can claim a richer experience leading and growing high-performance teams for highly-renowned organizations than Rik. Via his company Rethink Digital, Rik’s main passion is helping organizations to survive in this digital era, i.e. help them accelerate and improve by smartly leveraging new digital capabilities.

Over the past decade, Rik has created and delivered many trainings on various leading IT trends and paradigms. He has coached many experts, leaders, teams, and organizations on their digital transformation journeys. As CIO of Transavia he was responsible for the IT department (250fte) and innovation portfolio and was leading the organizational and digital transformation of this innovative, low-cost airline. Earlier, as a business unit manager at Xebia he helped many large organizations to accelerate and improve by smartly leveraging new digital capabilities. During these years, during which he also helped bootstrap various startups (e.g. Instruqt), he became one of the leading figures in the fast-evolving world of DevOps.

In 2016 Rik was one of the founding fathers of DASA by creating its competence framework and defining the DASA DevOps principles. He is also one of the master trainers of DASA’s DevOps Fundamentals course. Since 2018, as chairman of DASA’s Enterprise Leadership Forum, Rik focuses on inspiring executive leadership peers and professionals on a global scale and facilitates the sharing of good practices and experiences, and learning from stories from the trenches.

Deborah Burton
Deborah Burton
Deborah Burton is the CEO of Instruqt, where she works with her team to help organizations transition to a new innovative way to train and upskill IT professionals. Instruqt’s interactive learning-by-doing platform helps organizations accelerate their teams adoption of new technologies. IT Engineers learn best by doing. We use micro-learning to propel an interactive learning experience using real, not simulated technology and infrastructure. With  36+ years working in the IT sector, Deborah brings a wealth of knowledge from her previous positions. The most recent as the Managing Director of the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) January 2017 – October 2019.