Discussing DevOps Coaching: The Mindset Driving Cultural Change

DevOps Coaches play a crucial role in drawing energy, creativity, and enhancing collaboration. But how is this done? Why is it so important? What evidence is there of their effectiveness?

Find out how DASA DevOps Coaches are driving performances and attaining maximum output from teams.

You'll learn about the:

  • Requisites to reach excellence and high-performance.
  • Importance of the behavioral, cultural, and mindset aspect of transformations.
  • The metrics that matter most.
  • Role played by coaches in driving transformation change, improving performance, and meeting the metrics.
  • Current demand for DevOps coaches.

Akhilesh Kumar Chaturvedi

DASA ambassador and Founder & CEO, Yayati Consulting LLP

Akhilesh Chaturvedi (Akhil) is the Founder & CEO of Yayati Consulting — focused on enabling teams and individuals to unlock their creative potential and address…

Daniel Breston

IT Management Advisor,

With 40+ years of international technology management experience, as a CIO and other titles, Daniel Breston has a personal awareness of the challenges being faced…

Dimitri de Ruiter

Agile & DevOps Coach, change and project manager, DPG Media IT

Dimitri is a Certified DevOps Coach and Scrum Master. He focuses on Agile and Digital Transformations as enablers for an organisation in an increasingly competitive…

Sundaresh R Iyer

Product Manager and DASA DevOps coach, Endurance International Group

Sundaresh is a metrics driven individual and has extensive experience in DevOps and Cloud platform engineering. As a DevOps practitioner and leader, he has led…