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The Digital Readiness Assessment (DRA) is a tool that enables organizations to evaluate their readiness for success in the digital age by assessing their current state across seven foundational dimensions of organizational readiness. These dimensions include Strategy and Governance, Organization, Leadership, Technology, Flow, Culture, and People.

The Strategy and Governance dimension helps organizations evaluate their external focus and ability to understand and respond to the rapidly evolving landscape of opportunities and threats. This includes the development of a coherent vision, the alignment of IT and business strategy, and the implementation of a governance framework that supports rapid and iterative action.

The Organization dimension assesses the structure of the organization to deliver end-to-end value, including the alignment of funding and budgeting processes with a product-based value stream delivery model.

The Leadership dimension evaluates the manifestation of strategy, governance, and organization in the way the organization is led, with a focus on agile, situational, and distributed leadership.

The Technology dimension assesses the organization's technology stack to determine if it constitutes a modern digital operating system capable of operating at digital economy speed and scale, and delivering sophisticated digital products to meet customer expectations.

The Flow dimension, which is a lean management concept, measures the flow of value from the organization to the customer and feedback from the customer to the organization. It assesses the organization's capabilities for a fast flow of value and feedback, enabling it to become a learning organization that is constantly improving its digitally-enabled products and services based on customer feedback.

The Culture and People dimensions represent the human operating system of a modern digital organization, assessing the organization's systems, processes, values, beliefs, and behavior to determine the organization's way of working.

Overall, the Digital Readiness Assessment offers a comprehensive evaluation of an organization's readiness for success in the digital age, providing insight into the alignment of strategy, governance, organization, leadership, technology, flow, culture, and people.

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