The DASA Talent Academy is your branded, all-around continuous learning hub for all DevOps skills. Allow your teams access to customized, curated learning content and materials. Eliminate the guesswork in preparing the skill paths for your employees.

Learning Tracks

Based on the DevOps Competency Framework™, learning tracks cover skills journeys for all the major DevOps team roles, making it a valuable resource in building continuous learning and knowledge sharing culture—one of the pillars of a successful success DevOps organization.

Create employee engagement for higher performance, happiness and retention with over 100 learning tracks.

Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning

The right content is required to upskill at the speed of need. Access an enterprise-grade learning platform designed for agile and DevOps teams.

  • Learning assets are monthly curated and added
  • Open ended-learning discovery
  • Learning content management
  • Team and Learner management 
  • Performance management/analytics
  • Peer learning and enterprise knowledge sharing
Competency Based

Competency Based

The DevOps Competency Framework identifies the key technical and professional competencies for all relevant software delivery jobs. This supports building your own tailored job families and competency requirements.

Upskilling and Reskilling

Upskilling and Reskilling

Create people readiness for successful transformations to create and operate high-performance software teams.


DASA Skill Assessment Library

Get an accurate assessment of your software teams, uncover hidden internal experts with out-of-the-box assessments for individual skills or roles, or assess how your teams align with the DASA DevOps Competency Framework.

career path

Career Paths

Career Paths help professionals to become experts in their roles. They deepen the skills needed to excel in both technical and professional skills. Career Paths include extended learning and certification programs that drive engagement.

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

An adaptive continuous learning solution to help you effectively manage talent development across your software teams.

skills passport

DevOps Skills Passport

The DASA Skills Passport stores all learning activities performed on the DASA Talent Academy. Empower your professionals to understand their proficiency in building the skills needed for their job and insights into growing their careers.

Monitoring and Tracking

Monitoring and Tracking

Make better, more informed talent decisions. DASA's talent academy platform has features and facilities that enable you to track learning journeys and employee skill enhancement.

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talent academy


If you want to significantly increase your digital acceleration, it is critical to have the talent needed to meet business goals. The DASA Talent Academy connects your talent to original and carefully curated information and flexible learning paths.