Accelerate your success with an all-around, continuous learning hub for all DevOps and Agile skills.


Align Your Learning Organization to Business Goals

Prepare your talent for current and future opportunities and strive for improvement with measurable outcomes.

Learning at the speed of need

The DASA Talent Academy is the easiest way for your learners to discover and consume learning content, tailored to their current or prospective roles. 

Access an enterprise-grade learning platform designed for agile and DevOps teams, fully integratable into your current learning ecosystem.

  • Learning assets are continuously curated and updated
  • Open ended-learning discovery
  • Learning content management
  • Team and learner management 
  • Performance management/analytics
  • Peer learning and enterprise knowledge sharing

From Onboarding to Offboarding

Nurture new hires from day one by assigning role-based learning and help them get up to speed on the right skills and competencies.

Monitor Business Impact

Let your learning drive business results. Collect and analyze learner performance and capabilities progress with progress and completion insights.

Curate & Tailor with Ease

Create completely new journeys to preserve internal knowledge or tailer existing journeys to fit your learning needs.

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The Right Learning Content to the Right Learner at the Right Time

Based on the DevOps Competency Framework™, learning tracks cover skills journeys for all the major DevOps team roles. This allows you to create a continuous learning and knowledge sharing culture - a key pillar of any successful DevOps organization.

Competency Framework Tracks

Competency capabilities detail the knowledge, behaviours and attitudes that are to be expected based on a job role.

Technical Overview Tracks

Technical capabilities are defined by the technical knowledge required to perform the duties and responsibilities assumed by a given role.

Role-Based Learning

Role-based learning helps professionals to shine in their role. They are designed to deepen the skills needed to excel in both technical and professional skills.

Architect Automation Engineer Business & Data Analyst CIO/Director of IT Data Specialist Governance Specialist Platform Engineer Portfolio Manager Product Engineer Product Owner/Manager Reliability Engineer Scrum / Flow Master Security Engineer Service Manager Transformation Leader UX/UI Specialist

Personalized Learning

Microskills, courses, and pathways are accessed based on a pre-assessment, and tailored to your learner's specific needs.

Continuous Learning

Role and skill pathways are continuously updated, revised, and expanded to match the current speed of need.

Engaged Learning

Increase retention with modern solutions such as gamification to rewards learners with points, badges, and achievements.

Impactful Learning

Enhanced reporting allows you to visualize learner progress, team performance, and real-time activity of your learners.

Customize the Framework for Your Organization

The DevOps Competency Framework suggests the core competency families, covering theoretical knowledge, skills and attitudes, for all relevant agile and DevOps roles.

This forms the basis for building out your own tailored job families and competency requirements.

DASA Competence Framework_Different Colors - ITp - HighRes
why Competency Framework

Current Readiness Scans

Ask the right questions to evaluate your talent's current skills level through a series of role-based assessments. Leverage attributes essential for your talent success on an individual, team, and organizational level.

Gamification & Recognition

Engage learners with badges and achievements for completing learning tracks and let your talent climb through the ranks of leaderboards to stand out.


Skills Passport

The Skills Passport stores all learning activities. Empower your talent to understand their proficiency in building the skills needed for their job and insights into growing their careers.

Powering Your
Skill Development Initiatives

The right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.


DevOps teams are required to learn new skills as a result of an evolving landscape.


Roles are changing, increasing the need for additional related skills.

Next Skilling

Your workforce will meet a rapidly changing future of increasing agility.

Explore Learning Tracks

Tailer existing tracks or create completely new journeys to preserve internal knowledge and foster internal talent mobility.

Technical Overview Programs

Align teams around a technical skill and way of working to facilitate faster execution on your strategic vision.

Site Reliability Engineering Blending Security into DevOps Jira - Project Management Jira - Defect Management Value Stream Mapping Introduction to Cloud Code Quality DevOps on Cloud GIT Infrastructure as Code DevOps Engineering Introduction to Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment and Monitoring CI/CD with Jenkins using Pipelines Docker Containerization Configuration Management with Chef, Puppet & Ansible Ansible Continuous Testing AI & ML

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If you want to significantly increase your digital acceleration, it is critical to have the talent needed to meet business goals. The DASA Talent Academy connects your talent to original and carefully curated information and flexible learning paths.