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Date Title Presenter Type
Frameworks for Scaling in DevOps Luca Ingianni Webinar
Become a DASA Partner Aliza Singh Webinar
Become a DASA Training Partner Aliza Singh, Willem van Bork Webinar
Decisiones progresivas, saber qué es lo mejor para usted: DevOps Coach o DevOps Leader Jorge Blanco, Olivier Jara Phillips Virtual
How To Accelerate the DevOps Journey by Learning From Others Dimitri van den Broek, Matthew David Webinar
OpEx & Digital Day 2022 Heredia, Costa Rica Olivier Jara Phillips Conference
Complexity in Scaling DevOps Across Teams Irfan Shariff, Alban Korniloff, Luca Ingianni, Geoffroy Berlioz Event
Become a DASA Training Partner Aliza Singh Webinar
DevOps Cloud Days Marian Draganov, Jesus Cuesta Event
The Essential Role of the DevOps Coach, How to Overcome the Cultural Dilemma Christine Aykac, Marian Draganov, Antoni Tzavelas Webinar