Upcoming Events

Date Title Presenter Type
Introduction to the Digital Readiness Assessment 2 Johan Beijar and others… Webinar
Benefits of Learning Through a Talent Academy Sam Rosbergen, Sukhbir Jasuja, Andrea Tucker Webinar

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Past Events

Date Title Presenter Type
DASA ATP Webinar January: Grow your DevOps training business strategically Aliza Singh, Irfan Shariff, Willem van Bork Webinar
Embracing Talent Transformation Through Leadership Sukhbir Jasuja, Bryan Banta, Steve Robertson, ph.d. Webinar
Channel Partner Webinar November Aliza Singh Webinar
Overcome Technical Challenges Within Teams Ausiàs Armesto Àngel, Luis J. Gómez Vázquez and others… Event
Nurturing DevOps Culture to Underpin a Successful Transformation Sukhbir Jasuja Meetup
Measuring software delivery performance with DORA (Devops research and assessment) Martin Gross, Felix Lopez, Irfan Shariff, Tuomas Leppilampi Event
Optimizing Value Streams Irfan Shariff, Daniel Kuzba, Daniel Westermayr, Katharine Chajka Event
The Impact of Coaching Towards High-performing Teams Marian Draganov, Aline Badr Webinar
DevOps Leadership: Lead Digital Transformation Within Your Organization (Dutch) Richard Hoedeman and others… Webinar
Achieve Critical Success With DASA DevOps Fundamentals Anis Ben Hamidene, Sakhile Malinga Webinar