DASA is an independent and open association supporting the development of high-performance IT organizations through agile DevOps initiatives. DASA offers thought leadership as well as practical guidance for competence development for professionals and companies.

Upcoming Events

Date Title Presenter Type
[DASA Americas Circle] Collective Intelligence on DevOps Teams Christine Aykac, Jorge Blanco, Carlos Castañeda, Irfan Shariff Circle Event
Addressing the Digital Talent Squeeze Strategically Erin Mulholland, Sebastiaan Laurijsse, René Visser Event

Webinar Recordings

Past Events

Date Title Presenter Type
Automate Everything You Can Sundaresh R Iyer Circle Event
itSMF Australia – Leadership & Coaching in The COVID Era Marcel Foederer, Nevine Iskandar Event
itSMF Slovakia Martin Vitouš Conference
How to get the board to buy-in into your DevOps transformation plans Arvind Rathore, Alexander Witteveen, Sebastiaan Laurijsse, Arnaud van Rietschoten Event
All Day DevOps (ADDO) Luis J. Gómez Vázquez, Siddharth Pareek Conference
Managing Your CI/CD Pipeline Kumar Chivukula, Vasanthavishnu Vasudevan and others… Circle Event
TestIstanbul Conference- DevOps: Empowered By Software Testing & Automation (Virtual) Istanbul Frank Faber, Paul Wilkinson, Berk Dülger Conference
Digital Transformation First Steps as an Individual, Team, or Organization (Japanese) Tomoharu Nagasawa, Kyoko Yamada, Hiroshi Koiwai Event
Getting Started with DevOps- Changes in Ops in DevOps Kyoko Yamada
DevOps Cloud Days Sukhbir Jasuja, Luis J. Gómez Vázquez, Christine Aykac, Ángel M. Rayo Conference

Thursday, Jan. 27, 2022
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm CET

In this specially designed roundtable discussion, we analyze the strategic set of options for organizations to manage talent as organizations look to transform how they build and operate technology and software-powered business products and services.