Many definitions of DevOps exist, and many of them adequately explain one or more aspects that are important to find flow in the delivery of IT services.

Instead of trying to state a comprehensive definition on our own, we prefer highlighting six DevOps principles we deem essential when adopting or migrating to a DevOps way of working.

It is imperative nowadays to have short feedback loops with real customers and end-users, and that all activity in building IT products and services centers around these clients. To be able to meet these customers’ requirements, DevOps organizations require the guts to act as lean startups that innovate continuously, pivot when an individual strategy is not (or no longer) working, and constantly invests in products and services that will receive a maximum level of customer delight.

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DASA principles focus on creating the right culture, leadership, and conditions for success, instead of operational or technical stuff that can easily get outdated.