The DASA DevOps Fundamentals Masterclass is the exciting new opportunity to become DevOps-ready in a short and intense period of time through instructor-led virtual training from renowned industry leaders. Following multiple lessons and self-study, you are ready to pass the exam, earning you the DASA DevOps Fundamentals-certified badge.

Learn Directly From The Masters of DevOps

You will connect theory and concepts with real-world DevOps cases presented by the best experts driving DevOps adoption for top organizations such as Transavia, ING, NXP Semiconductors, and Allianz Technology. Expert interaction and sharing of personal insights on DevOps strategies and approaches with peers and Masters are highly encouraged during the Masterclass. Besides the promise of DevOps, you will also face typical DevOps challenges and how to overcome them for long-term success.


Meet the Masters

The Masters are at the very heart of the DASA DevOps Fundamentals Masterclass learning experience. Different Masters focus on different areas of expertise within DevOps. That's why the number of DASA DevOps Masters available keeps on growing.

Training organizations select those that better fit the profile of the learners so as to provide the best possible experience. This flexibility helps professionals have the seamless and personalized introduction to DevOps needed to apply the new skills in their workplace.

Rene visser

René Visser
Head of Global Workplace Services, Allianz Technology

Sebastiaan Laurijsse
Senior Director Generic It Services & User Experience, NXP Semiconductors

Rik Farenhorst
CIO of Transavia Airlines

Harikrishnan Sukumaran
Lean Product Development Coach at ABB

Aditya Bandimatt
Sunil Manvikar
Rajat Tewari

Aditya Bandimatt
Senior Manager at Accenture

Sunil Manvikar
Director, Solution Engineering at Iron Mountain & Life

Rajat Tiwari
Co-Founder and CEO, TranZend Consulting LLP

Aland Acuna
CEO, Acuna Consulting Inc

John Ruppel

John Ruppel
Transformation Leader / Officer TYIIR Institute, LLC


Amalia Barthel
Privacy Consultant & Advisor, and a Lecturer and Academic Programs Advisor

Stephanie Van Vugt

Stephanie van Vugt
Manager IT Process Automation and Analytics at NXP Semiconductors

Anuj Malik

Anuj Malik
Director of Project Management, Publicis Sapient

DASA DevOps Fundamentals certification


The Masterclass is delivered completely virtual which means you can join in from wherever you want, and never have to miss a session. Don’t worry if you can’t attend a session, videos will be recorded and made easily accessible for you. Expert support and exam preparation are provided throughout the Masterclass to make sure you will be optimally prepared for the exam. This is an exceptional opportunity to build a strong DevOps foundation and at the same time dig deeper into the world of DevOps with the top leaders in this field.


You will develop your network, connect with likeminded people, and build long-lasting relationships. All participants are invited by DASA to an exclusive Slack Channel and will have their picture, background and work experience featured on a dedicated Masterclass page on DASA Website (this is optional).


This unique Masterclass is built on top of DASA DevOps Fundamentals, a leading and proven hands-on professional certification course that has powered 1000s of DevOps journeys all over the world. You will be prepared for the DASA exam. The exam is online and you will receive a digital certificate. Experts from over 50 countries have accelerated their careers and transformed their organizations using the knowledge and insights gained with this DASA certification.

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DevOps Fundamentals inkl. Examen

DASA DevOps Fundamentals bietet eine umfangreiche Einführung in die wichtigsten von DASA definierten Agile DevOps Prinzipien. Die DevOps Fundamentals-Qualifikation wurde entwickelt, um die grundlegende Ausbildung zu bieten, die notwendig ist, um Ihr DevOps-Vokabular aufzubauen und seine Prinzipien und Praktiken zu verstehen. Anhand von wichtigen DevOps-Konzepten Read more


DevOps Fundamentals (DASA) inclusief examen voucher

Deze training geeft je in twee dagen een uitgebreid overzicht van DevOps principes en best practices. Gebaseerd op DASA, de DevOps Agile Skills Association, het leidende orgaan in DevOps certificering. Event details: Sr.No. Begin Date End Date Location 1 06-06-23 09:00 06-06-23 16:30 Leidsche Rijn Read more

DASA DevOps Fundamentals

In deze tweedaagse DASA DevOps (Development Operations) Fundamentals-cursus leer je de basisprincipes van Agile DevOps. Je leert hoe je Agile DevOps succesvol kunt toepassen in jouw organisatie, met als resultaat gemiddeld 200 keer snellere software deployment, 30 keer hogere deployment frequentie en een change succesrate Read more


DASA DevOps Fundamentals – Stavanger

DevOps training is the starting point for an organization going on the DevOps journey. Improved workflows and faster deployment starts with a core understanding of DevOps Fundamental concepts by anyone involved in an agile and/or DevOps team.

DASA DevOps Product Owner

DEVO-315 DASA DevOps Product Owner (1014103/DEVO-315) 12-Jun-2023 - 13-Jun-2023 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM US Eastern The DASA DevOps Product Owner™ certification is designed to enable students into a critical leadership role responsible for managing the full lifecycle of a product from concept to grave. Faster software Read more

DASA DevOps Professional Enable and Scale

DEVO-320 DASA DevOps Professional Enable And Scale (1016020/DEVO-320) 19-Jun-2023 - 20-Jun-2023 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM US Eastern The DASA DevOps Professional Enable & Scale™ certification builds upon DASA DevOps Fundamentals and is designed to provide the core education necessary to put DevOps into practice. Faster software Read more

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