The DASA DevOps Enterprise Leadership Forum provides a platform for knowledge sharing for and from our global community. DevOps Practitioners, Consultants, Thought Leaders, and Industry Experts share how they solved specific problems in their organizations. As a global members-driven community we build awareness and drive adoption in the market for Agile DevOps initiatives.

As a global members-driven community it’s in our DNA invest in ways to help build awareness and drive adoption in the market for agile DevOps initiatives.

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Enterprise LeaderShip Forum Global Event 2020

Following the success of last year’s Enterprise Leadership Forum (ELF) evening, we are extremely pleased to announce that this year’s event will be held on a larger scale for a virtual global audience. Several features of this year’s ELF will highlight the significance of DASA’s 4th anniversary.

Hosts & Speakers

Hosted by three household names in the DevOps world, Dimitri van den Broek, Rik Farenhorst, and Deborah Burton, this is a one-of-a-kind event not to be missed. There are a total of 8 influential speakers sharing their extraordinary stories of implementation and management of DevOps for top-tier organizations.

Discover new trends and explore how DASA is helping shape DevOps journeys.


This year’s agenda includes panel discussions, lightning-talks, and Q&A sessions on broad coverage of topics such as:

  • New applications of DASA’s competence model
  • The critical role played by DevOps Coaches in propelling a cultural shift
  • Game-changing Hands-on  DevOps training
  • Recent real-life, practical experiences from global experts

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Your stories- what were the obstacles you face in your IT Transformational journey, what were the roadblocks, what were the learnings? Was there an aha moment? What advise would you give to help others learn from your experiences?


Connect with other leaders in the digital domain that are facing similar challenges and listen, learn and debate ways to drive change gain knowledge and new skills by becoming a part of a community that is looking to find ways learn from each other via events, conferences, social platforms and more.

Meet with speakers and peers to learn further…


Do you know what you don’t know? The best way is to learn more about the topic, learn more from others that have started before you by gaining an understanding of the changing IT landscape and how to move from traditional IT to a new agile way of working which depends on a high -performing IT DevOps team.


“During my whole career, I have been fascinated by helping companies to create more value out of IT. I have done this from hands-on, academic, consulting, training and leadership perspectives and I strive to combine lessons learned and experience from these various perspectives into a format that helps companies to create a high-performance culture. For me, this is what DevOps is all about. Since its birth, I see DASA as the perfect platform to connect professionals that want and need to develop core DevOps knowledge and skills crucial for staying relevant and helping companies to survive in this era of digital disruption.”

Rik Farenhorst, Chairman of DASA Enterprise Leadership Forum