Are You Ready for DevOps?

The DASA DevOps Competence Quickscan is an innovative approach to validate your readiness to work effectively in a DevOps team. Complete a self-assessment questionnaire to assess how you are performing against the DASA Team Competence Model relevant for DevOps professionals.

Take the DASA DevOps Quickscan

DASA DevOps Competence Quickscan

Jorge Blanco

I completed the Quickscan assessment on my cell phone during my commute home. I was analyzing the user experience and I found it to be extremely good. I believe the Quickscan will help individuals to assess their training needs as well.

Jorge Blanco, DASA Ambassador Mexico-LATAM, CEO Glumin

DASA DevOps Competence Quickscan Quick Facts

  • The DASA DevOps Competence Quickscan is a self-assessment questionnaire targeted at everyone working in a DevOps and Agile environment
  • The assessment comprises 24 questions, two for each of the 12 competence areas of the DASA Team Competence Model.
  • A report is provided displaying the results of the self-assessment against the competence model, explaining how well you master each of the competency areas.
  • You can map your results against the DASA DevOps Certification Scheme, helping you to understand how you can further develop your skills.
  • To keep or share your results it’s easy to download your Quickscan report.
Sari Alander

The DASA DevOps Quickscan is really nice, practical and transparent tool to quickly assess your own DevOps knowledge and skills and well as your team capabilities. Result is visible and transparent to all team members and help that way to plan development activities in team level and personal level. I think this tool will help organizations to understand better what DevOps journey really means.

Sari Alander, DASA Ambassador Finland and Nordics, Lead Consultant at Knowit

24 Quick Questions to Validate Your Readiness to work effectively in a DevOps team

Every question helps to establish the maturity level against the DASA Team Competence Model. For every competence area two questions are provided. The average between the answers determines the maturity level.

Take the DASA DevOps Quickscan

Paul Wilkinson

The DASA DevOps Quickscan is the right way of creating awareness about the broad spectrum of skills and knowledge areas that make up DevOps as well as highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. It can help create useful team insights when building multifunctional teams and for sharing knowledge and skills. I like the fact the competency model isn’t just about Dev and Ops skills; it also highlights the need for understanding the business and business value. The tables provided in the mini report provide great discussion items for individuals and teams to fully understand where they are now and gives some pointers for improving team maturity.

Paul Wilkinson, DASA Ambassador Netherlands and Director GamingWorks